Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Mini Doll Art Gallery

The Mini Doll Art Gallery was designed and built by the artist Helen Dearnley in February / March 2009 to curate and exhibit mini doll art works without the requirement for a commercial gallery, or to exhibit within a traditional gallery setting.

The Mini Doll Art Gallery is designed to challenge many pre-conceived notions concerning stereotyping (children's toys) and the artist's role in relation to exhibiting work.
As a new graduate I am expected to pay various fees in order to exhibit my work, but as I have graduated during the credit crunch, I no longer have any money left to invest in my practice unless I can somehow earn money from my creations. If not, then I will need to create and exhibit work for free. Hence, I decided to create my own doll gallery in which to exhibit my own doll works of art, and be the first artist to officially own her own gallery within a year of graduating from University :-)

The Mini Doll Art Gallery is constructed from recycled materials, mostly cardboard boxes from a local shop, as opposed to the way that dolls' houses are made commercially out of plastic or outrageously of wood, or how The White Cube was designed and built. It always concerns me when I see expensive doll's houses marketed to little girls that are made out of wood, in a Trojan Horse / Baudrillard simulacrum fashion. The actual cost to the environment for a wooden dolls house must be astronomical and diabolical.

The Mini Doll Gallery has all the functions of a "white cube" space, is sympathetic to its design as a toy and as an art gallery. it can be played with - any child or in fact adult can exhibit their own toys or small scale art works within it, and they in turn are almost maquettes for larger scale work.

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